TUYỂN SINH 2021

Chủ đề năm học 2020-2021: "Sáng tạo và khởi nghiệp - Innovation and Start-up"                                                                     HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021!
Tác giả :

ThS. Trần Minh Phụng

M.Sc Tran Minh Phung

Email:  phungtm@tdmu.edu.vn. Phone: +84 9 7310 0700

Date of birth:  October 2, 1975

Place of birth: An Giang, Vietnam

Nationality:     Vietnamese

Sex:                Male

Marital status: Married

Permanent address: District 9, Hochiminh, Vietnam

Adress: District 9, Hochiminh, Vietnam


2004 : Master of Engineering for Bridge-Tunnel and other structure on highway, railway, Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology

1998 : Bachelor of Civil Engineering, University of Transport and Communications (Ha Noi), Vietnam.


- Training course of Checking the Bridge-Road in standard regular EU, EU and HCMC University of Technology, 2006

- Training course of Supervising Consultant, Institute of Transport Science and Technology, 2002
- Training course of Upgrade the power management building, World Bank and Ministry of Transport in Hanoi, 2001

- Training course of  Experiment and quality inspection of road bridges, Institute of Transport Science and Technology, 1999.

Topics of research:

Mechanics of composite materials and structures

- Bridge and Highway Engineering

-  Numerical Simulation of FRP Reinforced Concrete Beams

- Numerical Simulation of Approach road bridge                                                                        

- Bridge structure simulation by Midas/ CSI Brigdge program.


 [1]   Project (2010), Applying CFRP to reinforce the bridge structure, College-level scientific research .
 [2] Approach road subsidence with floor of load reduction bridge abutment. College-level scientific research project, 2017


Papers with peer-reviews:
[9]  Chu Việt Cường, Trần Minh Phụng. Using Maple programming for characteristics method in investigation of critical of soil media. International Conference on Nonlinear analysis & Engineering mechanics today. December 11-14, 2006.

[8] Trần Minh Phụng, Nguyễn Ngọc Hồng, Nguyễn Văn Cường. Study on the reduction of the bridge-shaped subsidence by expansion piles with full-load reduction. The 8 th National Conference on Technical Mechanics, 8/2015, Da Nang, pages 526-532,

[7] Tran Minh Phung. Repair damaged structural reinforced concrete bridge prestressed reinforced concrete (CFRP), ATCESD Sustainable Building Science Conference 2015, pages 57-67, Construction 2016,

[6] Trần Minh Phụng, To study the application of diamond pile foundations for small loads. Scientific Conference on Building Technology for Sustainable Development 2016, University. TDM, 07/2016

[5] Trần Minh Phụng, Evaluate the effectiveness of horizontal beams in pre-stressed reinforced concrete girder bridge cross section. National Scientific Conference on construction technology towards sustainable development. II - ATCESD 2016, University. Da Nang University, 08/2016

[4] Trần Minh Phụng, Hồ Đình Thái, Research on the application of pile foundation for triangular foundation for foundation works on weak ground. National Scientific Conference. Transport infrastructure with sustainable development. Last II - TISDC 2016, University. Da Nang University, 09/2016. Pages 151-158, Construction Publishing

[3] Nguyễn Duy Liêm, Vũ Thị Bích Ngà, Đỗ Xuân Sơn, Trần Minh Phụng. Nghiên cứu dùng muội than đen và xỉ ò cao nghiền mịn trong việc cải thiện khả năng tự cảm biến của bê tông tính năng cao. Tạp chí khoa học công nghệ xây dựng NUCE 2019.13 (4V): 151-158.

[2] Duy-Liem Nguyen, Van-Thuan Nguyen, Minh-Phung Tran, Minh-Thuan Duong. Caomparative perfomances of reinforced beams using concrete made from crushesd sand and fly ash. The international conference on sustainable civil engineering and architecture (ISSCEA) 2019.

[1]  Duy-Liem Nguyen, Van-Toi Do, Minh-Phung Tran and Luu Mai. Investigation on shear resistances of short beams using HPFRC composited normal concrete. CIGOS 2019, Innovation for Sustainable Infrastructure, Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Geotechnics, Civil  Engineering Works and Structures, Springer 2019/

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