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Training level: Bachelor

Major code: 52510102

Date revised: August 2015

1. Awarding institution:
Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education
2. Name of the final award:
Bachelor of Engineering (in Civil and Industrial Construction Engineering Technology)
3. Training time: 4 years
The normal period of study for a full-time bachelor’s degree is four years and the maximum period is eight years
4. Admission criteria:
High school graduate candidates have total score of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry (group A) or Mathematics, Physics, and English (group A1), or Mathematics, Literature, English (group D1) in an annual National High School Graduation Examination held in July by MOET higher than the cut-off score set by the HCMUTE based on the student admission quota from MOET. The cut-off score will be published in August.
Candidates, who graduated from specialized high schools, have an average score of five consecutive terms of high school larger than 7.5 and are in top 10% of the HCMUTE annual admission quota.
5. Progression points:
Students must obtain a mark of 5.0 out of 10.0 for all courses.
In cases where a student fails to accumulate a GPA (scales of 10.0) of 3.0 for the first year, or 3.5 for the second year, or 4.0 for the third year or 4.5 from the fourth year or over allowable study time, he or she will be required to withdraw from the programme.
6. Special features:
A five-day introduction programme in the first week of the first year.
A four-week internship at construction sites or structural design companies.
The last semester for a capstone project that is orally defended.
Five course’s projects.
Many courses related to experiments and practices.
7. Job opportunities:
Graduates can work in design, construction, consultancy and inspection of civil and industrial building projects as Structural Engineers, Quality and Quantity Supervisors, Consulting Construction Engineers, Contracting Construction Engineers, Site Engineers, etc.
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