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GACES – Group of Advanced Computations in Engineering Sciences is a key research group in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and being a home of experts and excellent researchers graduated from developed countries. The formation of the group is the result of over the past 10 years of nurture. Being ratified in 2012 by the President of the University, the group was expected to be a prestigious research center in Vietnam and the region. Under the chairmanship of Asso. Dr. Nguyen Hoai Son, the research activities of the group can be divided into two directions:

        1. Advanced numerical computation methods chaired by Dr. Chau Dinh Thanh
        2. Modellings of composite materials and structures chaired by  Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Trung Kien

Research Goals

Basic research, in-depth research and application of numerical methods to mechanical problems:

The theoretical basis and the development of numerical methods.

Advantages and disadvantages of the numerical methods for each problem

Programming for numerical methods.

Application of Commercial software to solve actual problems.

Contact: Dr. Chau Dinh Thanh

Department of Structural Engineering – Faculty of Civil Engineering


Research and development of composite materials and structures:

Study on the overall behavior of materials and composite structures with regard to , including microstructure of material and physical interaction conditions.

Determination of the material behavior by using analytical and numerical methods.

Optimization of material properties and structures

Development of materials and structures to meet the requirements of the construction industry, aviation, engineering, energy.

Contact A/Prof. Dr. Nguyen Trung Kien

Department of Structural Engineering – Faculty of Civil Engineering


Research Budget

Implement of national level research projects, NAFOSTED

Implement of ministry level research projects

Implement of provincial level research projects

Implement of university level research projects


Openning ceremony of  GACES
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