Tác giả :
1. Technical knowledge and reasoning
1.1 Apply generic knowledge of mathematics and science
1.2 Apply core fundamental knowledge of civil engineering technology including engineering drawing, mechanics, surveying, geology, soil mechanics, construction materials, water supply and sewerage engineering
1.3 Apply advanced fundamental knowledge of civil engineering technology including designing, constructing and managing transportation construction projects such as bridge, highway, tunnel…

2. Personal and professional skills and attributes
2.1 Identify, formulate, analyze and solve problems in design, construction and management of transportation construction projects
2.2 Conduct investigations and experiments about transportation engineering problems
2.3 Think systematically about the important role of transportation engineers in developing solutions for transportation engineering technology
2.4 Demonstrate personal skills and attitudes that creatively solve specified engineering problems and participate in life-long learning
2.5 Demonstrate professional skills attitudes that contribute to successful transportation engineering practice

3. Interpersonal skills: teamwork and communication
3.1 Lead and work in individual and group-oriented settings effectively
3.2 Communicate effectively in different forms: written, multimedia, graphical, and oral communication
3.3 Communicate effectively in English

4. Conceiving, designing, implementing, and operating systems in the enterprise and societal context
4.1 Recognize the importance of the role and responsibility of transportation engineers and assess the impact of transportation engineering technology on the social development and vice versa
4.2 Appreciate different enterprise cultures, demonstrate professional behavior and work successfully in organizations
4.3 Conceive and develop requirements and functions of components in process of design, construction and management of transportation construction projects
4.4 Design a part or complete transportation construction projects
4.5 Implement processes of constructing the transportation construction projects
4.6 Operate the transportation construction projects including inspection, maintenance, repair and upgrade
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