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Structural Engineering Department was separated from The Department of Construction in January 2012 at the same time with other departments.

Structural Engineering Department is a core discipline in training specialized knowledge for the training programs of the faculty. Knowledge is included of structural analysis computation, materials behavior, reinforced concrete structures and steel structures, projects and graduation thesis guidance. Annually, students attended Olympic team Structural Mechanics are trained by some of the lecturers of the Department.

In addition, the department also promote science research activities and technology transfer, participate in science research projects at all levels, publish many articles and papers in journals, international conferences, periodicals domestic and press conferences in Vietnam, instruct the student getting familiar with science research by various topics.

Structural Engineering Department owns 2 laboratories:
Structural engineering Laboratory and Construction Material Laboratory for teaching, science research, and technology transfer cooperation.

PhD.NguyễnVănHậu - Head of Department
          2. PhD. TrầnTuấnKiệt 
          3PhD. ChâuĐìnhThành - Dean of Falculty 
          4PhD. LêTrungKiên
          5PhD. NgôViệtDũng
          6. PhD. NguyễnNgọcDương
          7.PhD. NguyễnThếTrườngPhong
          8.AProf. PhD. LêAnhThắng 
    9.Prof. PhD.NguyễnTrungKiên 
         10.PhD. PhạmĐứcThiện       
         11. PhD. PhanThànhTrung
         12. PhD. Trần Thanh Tài 
         13. PhD.TrịnhCôngLuận
 15. Ms.Eng.PhDCan. BùiXuânBách

          1. Introductory Civil Engineering Technology (ICET130117)

          2. Architecture (ARCH230217)

          3. Architecture Project (ARCP210417)
          4. Engineering Drawing Practice (ENDP120317)
          5. Structures Mechanics (STME240517)
          6. Dynamics Structures (DYST321917)
          7. Civil Engineering Material (COMA220717)
          8. Civil Engineering Material Practice (COMP211117)
          9. Water Supply and Sewerage (WSSE221317)
        10. Reinforced Concrete Structures (RCST240617)
        11. Reinforced Concrete Structures Project (RCSP211017)
        12. Reinforced Concrete Building Structures (RCBS320817)
        13. Reinforced Concrete Building Structures Project (RCBP311817)
        14. Steel Structures (STST240917)
        15. Steel Building Structures (SBST321617)
        16. Steel Building Structures Project (SSTP311717)
        17. Information Technology in Civil Engineering Practice (ITCP421417)
        18. Structures Experiments (STTE321517)
        19. High-rise Building Structures (HRBS421217)
        20. Construction Inspection Practice (COIP410719
        21. Graduation Project Practice (GPRA422017)
        22. Thesis (THES402117)

          1. Advanced Dynamics Structures
          2. Composite Material Mechanics
          3. Shell Plate Structures
          4. Advanced Prestressed Reinforced Concrete Structures
          5. Steel Structures - Advanced Composite Reinforced Concrete
          6. Advanced Steel Structures
          7. Advanced Structural Mechanics
          8. Structure Stability
          9. Demolish Mechanics
        10. Advanced Technology in Civil Engineering Material
        11. Optimal Structures


        - Composite Structures & Material Models
        - Advanced Computing Methods


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Phu-Cuong Nguyen, Ngoc Tinh Nghiem Doan, Cuong Ngo-Huu, Seung-Eock Kim. Nonlinear inelastic response history analysis of steel frame structures using plastic-zone method. Thin-Walled Structures 85 (2014) 220-233.

Van-Hau Nguyen, Trung-Kien Nguyen, Huu-Tai Thai, Thuc P. Vo. A new inverse trigonometric shear deformation theory for isotropic and functionally graded sandwich plates, Composite Part B 66 (2014): 233-246.

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Luan C. TrinhHoang X. NguyenThuc P. VoTrung-Kien Nguyen, Size-dependent behaviour of functionally graded microbeams using various shear deformation theories based on the modified couple stress theory, Composite Structures, 154, 556-572, 2016 (SCIE).

Luan C. TrinhHoang X. NguyenThuc P. VoTrung-Kien Nguyen, An analytical method for the vibration and buckling of functionally graded beams under mechanical and thermal loads, Composites Part B: Engineering, 100, 152-163, 2016 (SCI).

Trung-Kien Nguyen, Ngoc-Duong Nguyen, Thuc P. Vo, Huu-Tai Thai, Trigonometric-series solution for analysis of laminated composite beams, Composite Structure, 160, 142-151, 2016.

Trung-Kien NguyenVan-Hau NguyenThanh Chau-DinhThuc P. VoH. Nguyen-Xuan,  Static and vibration analysis of isotropic and functionally graded sandwich plates using an edge-based MITC3 finite elements, 
Composites Part B: Engineering, 107, 162–173, 2016 (SCI).

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