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Department of Geotechnical Engineering of Faculty of Civil Engineering
FCE) was established in 2012. 

In Department of Geotechnical Engineering, there are totally 9 faculty members consist of 6 doctor degree lecturers and 3 master degree lecturers. 

The department undertakes courses for both undergraduate and graduate level in 
FCE providing knowledge of calculating, analyzing and designing in soil mechanics, foundations and soil improvement ect. 

Parallel to teaching mission,
 researches are also performed by the faculties of the department in several research fields:

1. Slope Stability: 
Landslide, Riverbank Stability and Erosion

2. Soil Improvement, Geosynthetics-Reinforced Soil , Soil and Reinforcement Interaction,

3. Soil Behavior Pile Foundation

4. Underground Deep Excavation

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
is managed under Department of Geotechnical Engineering for both

teaching and researching purposes.



Trần Văn Tiếng, PhD, Head of Department

Lê Phương Bình, Msc.

Phan Đức Hùng, PhD

Nguyễn Minh Đức, PhD 

Nguyễn Sỹ Hùng, PhD

Lê Phương, Msc

Thái Hữu Tài, PhD

Nguyễn Tổng, Msc

Nguyễn Văn Chúng, PhD candidate



Undergraduate level

1. Soil Mechanics

2. Foundation Engineering

3. Engineering Geology

4. Practice of Engineering Geology

5. Foundation of High-Rise Building

6. Foundation Engineering Project

7. Soil Mechanics Test

Graduate level

1. Advance Soil Mechanics

2. Advance Foundation Technology


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[2] Van Tieng Tran, Frédéric Victor Donzé and Bruno Chareyre. Numerical simulation of saturated and non-saturated concretes under high confining pressure using coupled fluid flow – discrete element model. In proceeding of the International conference on Green technology and Sustainable development, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, 1, 113 – 118, 2012

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[11] Liu, C.N, Yang, K.H, and Nguyen, Minh-Duc, (2014) “Effect of Reinforcement Anchorage on the Plane Strain Behavior of Geogrid-Reinforcement Sand”, Geotextiles and Geomembranes, 42(4), 479-493

[12] Yang, K-H, Mengist W. and Nguyen, Minh-Duc (2015),  "Behavior of Geotextile- Reinforced Clay with a Coarse Material Sandwich Technique under Unconsolidated- Undrained Triaxial Compression",  International Journal of Geomechanics, ASCE

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[14] Nguyen, Minh-Duc, Nguyen Si-Hung, Nguyen Hoai-Son., (2015) “The Application of Limit Equilibrium Method on the Critical Water Level and Dangerous Lateral Riverbank Zone Determination for Riverbanks in Vinh Long Province, Vietnam” Proceedings of the International Conference on Multiphysical Interaction and Environment,  March, 2015, Vinh Long Province, Vietnam

[15] Nguyen, Minh-Duc, Yang, K.H, and Lee, S.H (2011), “Comparison of the Prediction of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Shear Strength by Different Approaches”, Proceedings of the 14thConference of Taiwan Geotechnical Engineering, Taoyuan Taiwan, August 2011

[16] Nguyen, Minh-Duc, Yang, K.H  and Lee, S.H (2010) 
Analytical Prediction of the Peak Shear Strength of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soils Proceedings  of the 1st International GSI-Asia Geosynthetics Conference, 1st GSI-Asia, Taichung Taiwan, November 2010

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